Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Excel VBA: Determining Whether A File Exists Or Not

There are several ways to check whether a file exists. By using Microsoft Excel VBA statements and functions, or by using FileSystemObject (Microsoft Scripting Library). The following function returns True if a particular file exist, and return False if file does'nt exist. This function uses Dir function to check whether a file exists or not.

Function isFileExist(ByVal fname As String) As Boolean
 isFileExist = False
 If Dir(fname) <> "" Then isFileExist = True
End Function

Here's example how to use the function above:

Sub FunctionTest()
 If isFileExist("D:\SomeFile.txt") = False Then
     MsgBox "File not exists."
     MsgBox "File already exist."
 End If
End Sub

The next function do exactly as previous function, but this function uses FileSystemObject to check whether a file exist:

Function isFileExist2(ByVal fname As String) As Boolean
    Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    isFileExist2 = fs.FileExists(fname)
End Function

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  1. Here is a different approach basically the same though!


  2. I am not a very expert in VBA but i have a little knowledge about the same
    and i see that this is one of best and easiest way to find the file if its existing or not